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The Full Story

For years people have asked me what Deguello Productions meant. Degollar means to behead someone or cut their throats. El Deguello is an old Spanish bugle call. General Santa Anna played it for the Texians at the Alamo in 1836. He was sending a message that there would be no surrender, no retreat and no quarter given. The men knew this was basically a suicide mission. When I started my own production company I didn't really know anyone and I had no money. I knew I had to take this chance or I would regret it forever. It too, felt like a bit of a suicide mission! Click the Alamo picture below for an explanation. But God has seen me through to this point so far and I don't believe he'll leave me hanging now!

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The mission of Deguello Productions first and foremost is to tell great, entertaining stories. If you don't start there nothing else matters! We strive to be accurate as possible in our historical stories and never tell a story that mocks God!

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